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Tattumi and the environment.

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Since April 2019,  we at Tattumi have been seeking to minimise our environmental impact.  This means that we are sourcing all our materials ethically,  that packaging comes from recycled and recyclable materials, and that  we seek to make our carbon footprint is low as possible.

  • The bags that we securely package  your temporary tattoos in are made from biodegradable material
  •  All instructions and packing  slips are printed on  recycled paper
  • Our  card envelopes  are recyclable.
  • All of our energy is purchased from renewable sources.

We even walk to the post office when it’s time to dispatch your order out!

So while you are enjoying your temporary new look, you can rest assured that your tattoos have been supplied by a company that minimises it’s environmental impact wherever possible. 🙂

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