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It’s Stag and Hen Season…

hen night temporary tattoo

For any of you out there that may not be aware, wedding (and civil partnership) season is well underway, which means it’s also Stag and Hen season too. Tattumi has been doing some quality Stag and Hen Party temporary tattoos to accompany the merriment, mirth, mayhem and mischief that these rites of passage bring.

If you are a best man, or chief bridesmaid, then the onus of pulling together a night (or nights) to remember often falls upon you. Organisation and patience can be tested as you attempt to herd and coerce sometimes quite a diverse and numerous bunch of cats (or hens or stags) to agree upon, pay up, turn up and get involved with the festivities.

Temporary tattoos are a great accompaniment and a personal touch to get your girls and boys together around the betrothed for their final night of freedom. Personalised T-shirts and clothes can be expensive and difficult to get right sizes, and restrictive for the style/colour and probably will never be used again – that many burned on re-entry is probably their best far!  If you’re on a multi- night excursion, as is quite often the case, they can also get heavily soiled in no time at all. Temporary tattoos on the other hand are ideal – of course! If you haven’t already been convinced…

  • one size fits all
  • they look good
  • are excellent value
  • are less restrictive
  • you can keep them on while having a shower,
  • place them where you like
  • cover them while entering classy establishments or if there are moments you’d like to play down your party

And all while maintaining the group identity, bonding and purpose of the do. – sending-off (and/or sending-up) a good friend in style.

There are also many directions you can go with a temporary/fake tattoo for stag and hen do’s:


For Stags

  • Actual stags obviously. Check out the gallery shot above.
  • The bride/groom to be’s name/face?
  • The stag’s mum’s face inside a love heart?
  • Some skull and heart badassery.
  • Pussay Patrol” from the Inbetweeners movie?
  • Individual names (could be handy members of the party don’t know each other too well)
  • A misspelt horror of a tattoo to prank the bride with.

For Hens

  • Actual hens obviously
  • More skull and heart, smoke and guns badassery
  • A terrible portrait of the partner to be.
  • Drinks preference
  • L-Plate tattoos


The lists could go on… Just get on our customised tattoo designer and let your imagination take hold.  Good discounts available for multiple orders.

Please comment, share and tag #tattumi with your best photos and ideas.


 A Brief History of the Stag and Hen

The earliest reference to stag and hen dos go back to ancient Greece where Proaulia rituals of bathing, oils, feasting and celebrating were enjoyed by ancient Greek women.

It took a fully 1,200 years before the men cottoned on with the earliest records of Stag nights being amongst the ancient Spartans who threw a final night or feasting toasting and drinking and other Spartan-y things to honour their men before marriage.

The name “Stag” may have evolved in reference to the Horned God in Wiccan religions who represents hunting, sexuality and the life cycle, although it may just bedown to stags generally representing strength & virility

What about “Hen” then? In 1897, The Deseret News observed of a ‘hen party’  that ‘time honored idea that tea and chitchats, gossip smart hats, constitute the necessary adjuncts to these particular gatherings’, though the Hen term may simply derive from the slang term for women that has existed since the 1620’s.

Since then, and probably long before, pre-marriage ritual has been about in various guises across cultures and marks the important passage into adulthood responsibility, commitment and departure from childhood. Many French speaking countries even call Stag do’s the “enterrement de vie de garcon” which means “the burial of the life of the boy”….Catchy.

Despite being something we mean and women have been doing for milennia, it doesn’t stop us from getting them, sometimes horribly, wrong.

Either way, getting a temporary tattoo from Tattumi for your hen or stag do, (or event, or night, or weekend) must surely be an expression of the art in its highest form. 🙂

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