High quality custom temporary tattoos for your business – Quick turnaround – No minimum orders.

Your workforce and your customers can be your greatest brand advocates…

…so let them tat themselves up with your brand!

Tattumi are a UK based temporary tattoo supplier providing high quality products and excellent turnaround times. We have no minimum order sizes and we pride ourselves on providing both a great and friendly service.

temporary tattoo example


  • High Quality Transfer Tattoos – typically last between 3-10 days
  • Non-Toxic and hypo-allergenically tested
  • Digitally cut
  • Custom packaging available
  • No Minimum Orders
  • Turnaround typically under 10 days
  • Perfect for Events, Promotional Packs or Resale

The benefits.

Promotional temporary tattoos can be a fun, unique and eye-catching way to generate awareness, attention, resonance, and ultimately business for your event or brand.

They are ideal for club and bar events, athlete sponsorship, modelling and much more.  1 in 3 young adults in the UK has a tattoo. With such immense popularity, pretty much any brand targeting itself at a younger generation can find resonance through some well-placed temporary tattoos.

In addition to having great engagement potential and immediate impact, your customers and supporters are far more likely to post and share their latest ink on social media. This can be a great way to deliver incentives or gain user-generated content featuring your brand. With a good logo or design and bit of smart hashtag work, you might just go viral…giving you high return on investment at low cost…

As well as looking realistic and being non-toxic, Tattumi tattoos are easy to apply and can be removed without much hassle with oil based products.

The Process

1. Decide on your design(s) and dimensions. We are happy to advise on this, and also have advice on the website. We use quality materials, so the dimensions of your design can affect the cost of your order.

2. We can produce your tattoos as a wholesale batch or individually poly-bagged.

Wholesale – Your tattoos will be delivered as a batch. This costs less and is ideal if you have your own packaging or you are applying tattoos to customers at an event.

Individually Bagged – Your tattoos are individually poly-bagged. Each bag has an instruction sticker that can be branded/customised with your logo/specific additional wording. This solution costs a little more /tattoo, but is ideal for events where customers are applying their own tattoos, taking them away, or for resale.

Wholesale vs. Individually bagged temporary tattoos
Wholesale vs. Individually bagged tattoos

3. Email info@tattumi.co.uk with the info above along with the volume desired, timescales for delivery and any other details or questions.

4. We will respond asap with details and a quote. If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed, we will arrange the order with you and finalise details)

5. We will issue an invoice. (Please note that we typically require payment up front for custom designs).


To find out more information or obtain a quote, either email info@tattumi.co.uk or call Kieran on 07782162044.


   Digitally cut tattoos  Individually Packed tattoos

The Etymology of Brand…a brief history.

The concept of “branding” in business, marketing and advertising worldwide, applies to the practice and value derived from distinguishing one seller’s products from those of others. This term was borrowed by marketers from the age old farming practice of branding, in which cattle owners used to differentiate their lifestock by means of a distinctive symbol burned into the animal’s skin with a hot branding iron.

You could go round burning your brand onto your customers’ skins with hot branding irons! (If this sounds like a good plan, you can visit our friends here.)

Or you could get Tattumi to provide you with some fabulous personalised temporary tattoos…