Custom charity temporary tattoos to highlight your cause – Quick Turnaround – No minimum orders and special charitable rates

Temporary Tattoos are an ideal way to raise awareness of your charity whether you plan to use them at events and or as resale items to raise donations and funds for you cause. Our charity temporary tattoos are:


  • High Quality Transfer Tattoos – typically last between 3-10 days
  • Non-Toxic and hypo-allergenically tested
  • Digitally cut
  • Custom packaging available
  • No Minimum Orders
  • Turnaround typically under 10 days
  • Perfect for Events, Promotional Packs or Resale


Think about the symbolism, message and success of the Poppy Appeal for the Royal British Legion. The breakout success of Movember,  Livestrong wristbands, Facebook’s rainbow profile filter in support of same-sex marriage laws in the US. They have all worked so well because people attach a unique symbol to themselves to highlight their support for a cause to one another.

People love to show their support for charity, they like to publicise it and show solidarity. A temporary tattoo is a great way to do this. Although temporary tattoos may be temporary, they represent, permanence, passion, membership and ideology.  A perfect match for highlighting your cause.

Marie Curie wrist tattoo

Get in touch and tell us about your cause or event. We aim to help all worthwhile charitable causes for as close to cost-price as we can manage…

To find out more information or to obtain a quote email or call and speak to Kieran on 07782162044.



The Process

1. Decide on your design(s) and dimensions. We are happy to advise on this, and also have advice on the website. We use quality materials, so the dimensions of your design can affect the cost of your order.

2. We can produce your tattoos as a wholesale batch or individually poly-bagged.

Wholesale – Your tattoos will be delivered as a batch. This costs less and is ideal if you have your own packaging or you are applying tattoos to customers at an event.

Individually Bagged – Your tattoos are individually poly-bagged. Each bag has an instruction sticker that can be branded/customised with your logo/specific additional wording. This solution costs a little more /tattoo, but is ideal for events where customers are applying their own tattoos, taking them away, or for resale.

Wholesale vs. Individually bagged temporary tattoos
Wholesale vs. Individually bagged tattoos

3. Email with the info above along with desired volumes. timescales for delivery and any other details or questions.

4. We will respond asap with details and a quote. If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed, we will sort out any further details.

5. We will issue an invoice. Please note: we typically require payment up front for custom designs.