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Christmas Shopping Lists…Tattoo Gifts

temporary tattoo gift box

Christmas is now approaching. The goose is getting fat…and people all over the country are turning their minds to what gifts they should bestow upon their loved ones.

Some are gleefully away at purchasing, others are confounded by indecision or frustrated by elusive inspiration, while others yet are simply motivated by the terror – that fear of looking over at a thinly veiled face of displeasure cometh the Christmas morn and the unwrapping…

temporary tattoo gift box
temporary tattoo christmas gift goodness

It is true to say that along with a huge rise in tattoos, there has been a growth in people purchasing tattoos as gifts and presents for their nearest and dearest – and tattoos can indeed be a fantastic, lasting personal gift.

However, how do you give a tattoo as a gift? A card with “Tattoo Gift Voucher” hopefully scrawled inside might not cut the mustard. Dragging your recipient down to the local tattoo parlour straight away might be equally risky – especially if you’ve no idea who they are or whether their work principally based around Pokémon and flaming pool balls is indeed what your partner wanted. Or what if they weren’t fully serious that time they said they wanted a tattoo of Barny – the beloved childhood guinea pig that is always in their hearts?? Questions to ponder make for high stakes in the tattoo gift game.

If you do have an idea, a temporary tattoo can strike that middle ground perfectly. No immediate commitment is required and you have the licence to get it slightly (or even wildly) wrong without causing permanent damage.  And perhaps most importantly, there is something of substance actually there for your loved one to open, wear and show to the delighted gasps of assembled Christmas revellers.


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