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Tattumi and the environment.

recycle symbol

Since April 2019,  we at Tattumi have been seeking to minimise our environmental impact.  This means that we are sourcing all our materials ethically,  that packaging comes from recycled and recyclable materials, and that  we seek to make our carbon footprint is low as possible.

  • The bags that we securely package  your temporary tattoos in are made from biodegradable material
  •  All instructions and packing  slips are printed on  recycled paper
  • Our  card envelopes  are recyclable.
  • All of our energy is purchased from renewable sources.

We even walk to the post office when it’s time to dispatch your order out!

So while you are enjoying your temporary new look, you can rest assured that your tattoos have been supplied by a company that minimises it’s environmental impact wherever possible. 🙂

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2018 in Review

Race to the Stones leg temporary tattoo

No doubt about it, it’s been a big year for Tattumi… and we want to thank all  of our customers for making it happen for us.



In Feb, we redesigned the website and began work in improving performance and enabling customer reviews.

In July we became a limited company…We also opened a satellite office in the lake district and Tattumi became 3 people.

In August we migrated the whole website and platform onto new hosting. This was a painful process but hopefully we now have a robust and faster website that provides a good service  and scales to our future development.

We have been getting into sports and societies, supporting UCL, Newcastle and Bath Snowsports  societies and beginning a partnership with Bromley Badgers swimming club and Manchester Storm Ice Hockey. We continued working with Oceanman swimming series for the second year running along with The Florence Nightingale Hospice’s colour run. We also took on the Threshold ultra trail running series.

Meanwhile, we have continued to work with charities and proud to be involved with the Royal British Legion, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospitals, Mencap, Mindshare and other charities…

We have worked with all sorts of brands from food, kite surf, music, booze brands through to the celebration of Tabasco’s 150th year worldwide celebrations. Not to mention the hundreds of custom designs that you have uploaded to the website.

We look forward to growing further in 2019 and have plenty of plans and ambitions to develop our products, service and website see us forward. Some ideas and designs will no doubt fall flat, some will a be a success, but one thing to sure of is that there will be plenty of surprises and opportunities. We are confident that 2019 will see Tattumi back and bigger and better than eer. We look forward to supplying you with quality customer temporary tattoos.

Have a great one everybody…

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Tattumi provides tattoos for Oceanman Greece

Tattumi supplied Oceanman race number tattoos for their inaugural Greece event held in the glorious Oitylo Bay on the 2nd July 2017 . This was a new location in the series calendar for 2017, reflecting the growing popularity of open water swimming and the success and growth of the Oceanman International sport franchise.

The tattoo race number packs were destined for 350 variously crazy, adventurous and fit swimmers attempting and competing in 2.5km, 5km (half Oceanman) or 7.5km (full Oceanman) distance open water sea swimming races.

Check out the promotional video for 2018 featuring footage from the 2017 event below, featuring none other than Tattumi’s fabulous temporary tattoos…(Swimming) caps off to the organisers for putting on what looked like an absolutely amazing event and experience, and for being a thoroughly nice bunch as well. The event is going from strength to strength for 2018, with spaces for 700 swimmers (double the amount of last year).

We were delighted to support Oceanman, and looking forward to producing race numbers for other events in the future…

Meanwhile Open and wild swimming has grown massively over the last few years – as a both a leisure and sport pursuit, with growing participation and new events springing up everywhere…There’s also the odd nutters like Sean Conway who swam the length of Britain in 2013.


If you’re interested in open swimming, you should check out the Oceanman series. The Outdoor Swimming Society is also a good source of information and local events are also worth keeping an eye out for. Get yer googles on!


See gallery below for some superb shots from the Oceanman Greece event:

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Leap the Peaks…

End Youth Homelessness Temporary Tattoo

In July 2017, 330 colleagues from Yorkshire Building Society took part in a ‘Leap the Peaks’ fundraising challenge to raise funds for the UK charity, End Youth Homelessness. Their goal? To raise £40,000 for a project designed to help over 700 homeless young people get into their own home and build themselves a brighter future. The challenge involved a 9 mile walk, culminating in an abseil off the viaduct in Monsal Head in Derbyshire. They also made this nice video along the way, featuring temporary tattoo transfers supplied to End Youth Homelessness by Tattumi. Enjoy!

Many YBS colleagues opted to sport our temporary tattoos on their faces…also a bold move.

To find out more about the great work of End Youth Homelessness, visit

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Manchester Bee – Tattoo Appeal

One Love MCR Tattoo Bee

Following the events of Monday night in Manchester, it’s hard to know what to do.

But people from Manchester have taken to the streets and let out a voice of strength and solidarity. Donated time and money to support those affected. It’s been great to see businesses opening their doors to and supporting police and medical staff working tirelessly in the aftermath.

Queues outside Alchemy Tattoo Studio, Wigan

I have been procrastinating, perhaps too long. Fortunately I have seen the great work that tattoo parlours all around Manchester, the North and around the country in the Manchester Tattoo Appeal. The response has been so strong with studios and parlours seeing people queuing down the street to show their solidarity and make a contribution. It’s made me realise that Tattumi could do something too.

Not everyone is old enough for a tattoo, not everyone has a significant amount of money to donate, or perhaps even find a parlour right now with any remaining bookings. I think that so many people want to contribute something and show solidarity and support for those affected, but perhaps might stop short of having a permanent tattoo.

For the next week (until 3rd June), Tattumi will be featuring 3 Manchester bee designs on the website.

Manchester Bee Designs

Manchester bee temporary tattoo

These are retailing at £3.50 each – all profits from sale will go directly to the support families affected by the attack. Simply order your design and Tattumi will send out a pack of 2 temporary tattoos featuring the design. We encourage you to wear one proudly yourself and give the other to someone who means something to you.

If you would like to make donation directly the link is below and on the product page

#manchestertattooappeal #westandtogether

UPDATE 10/06/2017 – Together we have raised just over £605. Thank you everyone

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Christmas Shopping Lists…Tattoo Gifts

temporary tattoo gift box

Christmas is now approaching. The goose is getting fat…and people all over the country are turning their minds to what gifts they should bestow upon their loved ones.

Some are gleefully away at purchasing, others are confounded by indecision or frustrated by elusive inspiration, while others yet are simply motivated by the terror – that fear of looking over at a thinly veiled face of displeasure cometh the Christmas morn and the unwrapping…

temporary tattoo gift box
temporary tattoo christmas gift goodness

It is true to say that along with a huge rise in tattoos, there has been a growth in people purchasing tattoos as gifts and presents for their nearest and dearest – and tattoos can indeed be a fantastic, lasting personal gift.

However, how do you give a tattoo as a gift? A card with “Tattoo Gift Voucher” hopefully scrawled inside might not cut the mustard. Dragging your recipient down to the local tattoo parlour straight away might be equally risky – especially if you’ve no idea who they are or whether their work principally based around Pokémon and flaming pool balls is indeed what your partner wanted. Or what if they weren’t fully serious that time they said they wanted a tattoo of Barny – the beloved childhood guinea pig that is always in their hearts?? Questions to ponder make for high stakes in the tattoo gift game.

If you do have an idea, a temporary tattoo can strike that middle ground perfectly. No immediate commitment is required and you have the licence to get it slightly (or even wildly) wrong without causing permanent damage.  And perhaps most importantly, there is something of substance actually there for your loved one to open, wear and show to the delighted gasps of assembled Christmas revellers.


(You can create, configure and order your personalised tattoo gift  in minutes right here online on our website by visiting our personalised tattoo designer page.)

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It’s Stag and Hen Season…

hen night temporary tattoo

For any of you out there that may not be aware, wedding (and civil partnership) season is well underway, which means it’s also Stag and Hen season too. Tattumi has been doing some quality Stag and Hen Party temporary tattoos to accompany the merriment, mirth, mayhem and mischief that these rites of passage bring.

If you are a best man, or chief bridesmaid, then the onus of pulling together a night (or nights) to remember often falls upon you. Organisation and patience can be tested as you attempt to herd and coerce sometimes quite a diverse and numerous bunch of cats (or hens or stags) to agree upon, pay up, turn up and get involved with the festivities.

Temporary tattoos are a great accompaniment and a personal touch to get your girls and boys together around the betrothed for their final night of freedom. Personalised T-shirts and clothes can be expensive and difficult to get right sizes, and restrictive for the style/colour and probably will never be used again – that many burned on re-entry is probably their best far!  If you’re on a multi- night excursion, as is quite often the case, they can also get heavily soiled in no time at all. Temporary tattoos on the other hand are ideal – of course! If you haven’t already been convinced…

  • one size fits all
  • they look good
  • are excellent value
  • are less restrictive
  • you can keep them on while having a shower,
  • place them where you like
  • cover them while entering classy establishments or if there are moments you’d like to play down your party

And all while maintaining the group identity, bonding and purpose of the do. – sending-off (and/or sending-up) a good friend in style.

There are also many directions you can go with a temporary/fake tattoo for stag and hen do’s:


For Stags

  • Actual stags obviously. Check out the gallery shot above.
  • The bride/groom to be’s name/face?
  • The stag’s mum’s face inside a love heart?
  • Some skull and heart badassery.
  • Pussay Patrol” from the Inbetweeners movie?
  • Individual names (could be handy members of the party don’t know each other too well)
  • A misspelt horror of a tattoo to prank the bride with.

For Hens

  • Actual hens obviously
  • More skull and heart, smoke and guns badassery
  • A terrible portrait of the partner to be.
  • Drinks preference
  • L-Plate tattoos


The lists could go on… Just get on our customised tattoo designer and let your imagination take hold.  Good discounts available for multiple orders.

Please comment, share and tag #tattumi with your best photos and ideas.


 A Brief History of the Stag and Hen

The earliest reference to stag and hen dos go back to ancient Greece where Proaulia rituals of bathing, oils, feasting and celebrating were enjoyed by ancient Greek women.

It took a fully 1,200 years before the men cottoned on with the earliest records of Stag nights being amongst the ancient Spartans who threw a final night or feasting toasting and drinking and other Spartan-y things to honour their men before marriage.

The name “Stag” may have evolved in reference to the Horned God in Wiccan religions who represents hunting, sexuality and the life cycle, although it may just bedown to stags generally representing strength & virility

What about “Hen” then? In 1897, The Deseret News observed of a ‘hen party’  that ‘time honored idea that tea and chitchats, gossip smart hats, constitute the necessary adjuncts to these particular gatherings’, though the Hen term may simply derive from the slang term for women that has existed since the 1620’s.

Since then, and probably long before, pre-marriage ritual has been about in various guises across cultures and marks the important passage into adulthood responsibility, commitment and departure from childhood. Many French speaking countries even call Stag do’s the “enterrement de vie de garcon” which means “the burial of the life of the boy”….Catchy.

Despite being something we mean and women have been doing for milennia, it doesn’t stop us from getting them, sometimes horribly, wrong.

Either way, getting a temporary tattoo from Tattumi for your hen or stag do, (or event, or night, or weekend) must surely be an expression of the art in its highest form. 🙂

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Dylan’s Ice Cream Celebration

dylans ice cream temporary tattoos

dylans ice cream logo temporary tattoosdylans ice cream temporary tattoos1605_dylansicecream1

Tattumi recently supplied temporary tattoos to Dylan’s Ice Cream for the  2nd birthday celebration of their Milk Barn ice cream parlour in Haslemere, Surrey. Although there was a bit of rain, it didn’t stop Ben (the owner) and his loyal customers having a great day and we are pleased to hear that everyone loved the selection of custom and shop tattoos  that accompanied both the celebrations and the top quality ice cream at the event. A strong combination….:)

For amazing ice cream factoids, also check this out –  . It turns out that ice cream has been around a LOT longer than you might expect, and that the Kiwis absolutely love it!



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Mother’s Day…Gift Ideas

mothers day day gift idea tattoo

Its a truth universally acknowledged, that a mother in possession of a good child would want that child to go and get a tattoo dedicated to her for Mother’s Day…

Mums 100% love it when their kids go and get themselves inked up*.   (*needs citation). What better gift idea to mark Mother’s Day could there be??  That’s why we thought it would be great idea to offer temporary tattoos for mother’s day. That way mums can be delighted when their children show them what appears to be some genuine “mum” based ink tribute to their talents.

Image result for shocked mom

“Mother was initially shocked- I think she was lost for words by my marvellous tattoo tribute…But it was clear that the initial shock soon gave way to delight…”

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A Brief History…

Tattumi was created in the spring/summer of 2015. Originally from one man’s burning desire to celebrate (demonstrate significant over enthusiasm) for the birth of a good friend’s child by creating a temporary tattoo of that child’s face with the words “Top Lad“* written underneath.  *”#thuglife” was also strong contender.

The subsequent work and creative process was so much fun and the results hilarious that it set off a series of further ideas that had to be tried. The opportunities seemed so endless, that it begged the obvious question, “why doesn’t everyone have these – all the time?”.. It turns out that they do, and they’re called real tattoos, but the problem with those is once the laughter has died down you’re stuck with them. This set off a series of intense tattoo R&D that frequently left us looking like idiots down at the local pool, but left us with a quality product that looks great and lasts between 3-7 days. Then was a case of developing a site to let design your dream tattoos.

You can use our site to create a custom design from scratch, by importing any design of your choosing, pictures from Facebook and Instagram, or by importing any of the designs from our shop into our customisation tool. Simply choose a size and click to buy! Can’t wait to see what you come up with…